Injective Protocol (INJ) Conversion from ERC-20 to Native INJ Token
We will convert the ERC-20 version of the Injective Protocol (INJ) tokens to native INJ tokens. Please be aware of the following changes:
  • Effective July 27th, we will no longer support the ERC-20 version of INJ. If you wish to hold the ERC-20 version, please withdraw any remaining ERC-20 INJ tokens from your Kraken account before July 27th.
  • All ERC-20 INJ tokens that have not been withdrawn from our platform prior to July 27th will be automatically converted to native INJ tokens. This conversion requires no action from your side and occurs at no cost.
  • After July 27th, you will not be able to deposit ERC-20 INJ tokens in your Kraken account. Only the native version will be supported, depositing ERC-20 INJ into your Kraken account may result in a loss of funds.
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