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Ukraine Aid: Frequently asked questions
The below are answers to questions that have been asked by clients in response to our March 9th blog post announcing an aid package for our Ukrainian clients. If you have any additional questions please contact us.
Do Ukrainian businesses qualify as well?
Has the first drop for tranche 1 been processed?
Yes, as of March 11th.
Will clients from the sanctioned regions of Ukraine be eligible for this?
No, clients from Crimea Oblast, Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast are not eligible for this aid package. As a regulatory compliant exchange, Kraken observes all compliance regulations in the countries in which we operate.
I am currently in Ukraine, but was not previously when I created my Kraken account. If I update my address to the Ukraine (where I am now) will I be eligible for the funds in tranche 2?
No, only accounts that were registered to a Ukrainian address prior to the March 9th, 2022 cut off would be eligible.
How will the distribution be handled for clients with multiple accounts?
Currently, we are doing the payout on a per-account basis, so multiple accounts with the same owner would receive multiple payouts.
How do I claim the drop by the May 1st deadline? Do I need to make a trade or click on anything within my account?
You will only need to successfully login to your Kraken account.
What criteria is used to determine if an account is from Ukraine?
There are two scenarios that classify an account as being a Ukrainian account. 
  1. 1
    A Ukrainian address was provided at the time of registration.
  2. 2
    The account was opened for any other country and went through the process of country change prior to March 9th, 2022 - in which case you would have officially changed your country of residence by providing a Ukrainian proof of address.
If I funded my account with USDT after March 9th, 2022 but had KFEE on my account before March 9th, 2022, would I qualify for the Aid?
You would not be eligible for the first tranche, as only non-KFEE balances are considered. However you would be eligible for tranches 2 and 3.
I created my account prior to March 9th, 2022 and had a positive crypto balance but my account was not verified. I submitted my documents on March 9th to get verified. However the verification was only processed at 1 AM on March 10th, 2022. Will I be eligible for the aid?
You will not be eligible for tranche 1, however if you verify your account to 'Intermediate' or 'Pro' by April 1st, 2022, you will be eligible for tranche 2.
What time zone is being used for the March 9th cutoff date?
UTC time zone.
If I registered a year ago but was only verified on March 9th would I be eligible?
You would need to have been verified to 'Intermediate' or 'Pro' Tier prior to March 9th for tranche 1, but if verified on March 9th, you may be eligible for tranches 2 & 3, depending on the other criteria.
Is the blog post available to read in Ukrainian/Russian languages?
Yes, this blog post has Ukranian and Russian translations available, links are provided at the top of the English version as well.