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Lisk (LSK) network upgrade on August 21st, 2021
Lisk (LSK) will undergo a network upgrade in the form of a hard fork on 21st of August, at 8:00 AM UTC. 
We have no estimate of when funding will be reenabled at this time, but it'll likely be multiple days after the fork. We may extend the duration of the maintenance window based on conditions of the Lisk network before and after the fork. Once funding is reenabled, clients may need to generate a new deposit address. Kraken will continue to support trading of lisk throughout the upgrade period.
Further information can be found on the LISK announcement here.
Many hardware wallets will not be supporting this upgrade and it’s recommended that users withdraw their funds to a supporting wallet before the hard fork.
Below is the announcement by SatoshiLabs, the team behind Trezor Hardware wallet. Note that Kraken is not affiliated with SatoshiLabs.
SatoshiLabs Statement

Lisk will no longer support hardware wallets. 

Withdraw your Lisk to a compatible software wallet
An upcoming Lisk network hard fork will remove support for hardware wallets including the Trezor Model T and Model One.
If you currently store Lisk on your Trezor wallet, you must move your coins to a wallet compatible with the hard fork upgrade by August 21 2021. The Lisk Desktop wallet should be compatible, according to Lisk's public communications
The short notice given regarding this issue is due to the fact that Lisk did not provide any notice of the incompatibility ahead of time nor did they reach out to discuss a solution or workaround. Given the nature of this hard fork, the currently implemented code will be made redundant and the codebase will be removed from Trezor products.
There are no clear paths to reinstating support at this time as resolving the compatibility issues would require extensive development efforts on both sides, which would not be productive given the lack of cooperation in this case.
We hope to hear from the Lisk development team in the coming days, and will follow up should there be any news in future. In the meantime, please immediately withdraw all Lisk tokens from your hardware wallet to a compatible wallet for safekeeping.