Session Management

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Active Sessions

Users can now see a full list of each active login/session on their account found by clicking the username dropdown and selecting 'settings'.


All sessions (apart from the current session) can be deleted, which means the listed device will be logged out from the account.

In order to end the current session, users need to log out as normal, by clicking on their email address in the top right hand corner of the platform.


Mobile Token

Crypto Facilities allows users to generate a mobile token to log into their mobile devices without needing to manually enter login credentials.

The mobile token can be generated in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to the Mobile Token tab within Session Management and click 'Request New Mobile Token'.


2. You'll then be shown a QR code:


3. Visit on your mobile device and click 'QR Code Sign In'. Your device will then prompt you to allow your browser access to your camera. You can then scan the QR code - once done you'll be shown a confirmation code on your mobile device. Enter this in the 'confirmation code' box on your desktop device to complete your mobile sign in.


If successful you will receive a message stating: “Successfully confirmed mobile session” and the new session/device will be recorded under Active sessions.

The QR code is only active for 2 minutes. If your QR code is no longer active you'll need to request a new mobile token.

The default session length for a session created by a mobile token is 10 years. This can be invalidated by logging out on the mobile device or deleting the session from the 'Active Sessions' tab.

Please note, if using this on iOS the mobile token will only work in Safari.

Session Length

The default session length for a desktop session is 12 hours. However, users can toggle this via the Session Management panel: