Username requirements and recommendations
These guidelines are designed to help you create a secure username for your Kraken account.

Username purpose

The only purpose of the username is for you to sign in to your Kraken account in a way that is hard to guess for others. We also allow sign in via email.
2FA Note: When syncing your account with a 2FA app like Google Authenticator, the app will receive and display Kraken - ‘sign-in/funding/trading’ (username) by default. You can rename this entry anytime in the app settings by selecting the account and editing the name.

Username requirements

  • Minimum length is 5 characters, maximum is 32.
  • Can only contain letters, numbers, dashes (-) and underscores (_).
  • Cannot contain "Kraken".

Username security recommendations

  • Longer usernames are better.
  • Do not make it something common, obvious or easy to guess.
  • Do not make it similar to what you use on other websites.

Usernames are permanent!

Once created, the username cannot be changed or deleted. So choose carefully and do not include any personal information.