Canada Post In-Person Cash (and Debit) Deposits for CAD

The In-Person Payment method allows our Canadian clients to quickly fund their Kraken accounts from their nearest Canada Post locations.


In order to access In-Person Payments, your Kraken account must be:


1. Navigate to Funding > Deposit > Canadian Dollars (CAD).

2. Select "In-Person Payments (IPP)" from the drop-down menu:


3. Take a clear photo or screenshot of your QR code 

4. Go to your local Canada Post office and have them scan your QR code.

5. Pay via cash/debit.

6. The funds should reach your Kraken account within 30-60 minutes


This method is for deposits only. You will not be able to withdraw funds through Canada Post.

The transaction limit is 500 CAD

Multiple transactions per day are permitted, but the total daily limit is 7,500 USD-equivalent.

Tip: To avoid your deposit being put on-hold, do not send the exact same amount more than once within 72 hours.