How to select a custom date range

You can export your history with any custom date range, though we recommend not to export more than 1 year at a time (especially if your account has a lot of activity). 

Using the calendar

  • Your first selection on the calendar = start date.
  • Your second selection on the calendar = end date.
  • If you make a third selection on the calendar, it starts over with a new start date.


If you want to export your 2018 history, for example, you'll need to:

1. Select the Start date:

  • Keep clicking the left arrow on the left calendar until you reach January 2018.
  • Click on January 1.
  • Note: the date range at the bottom of the window won't update until both dates are selected.

2. Select the End date:

  • Keep clicking the right arrow on the right calendar until you reach December 2018.
  • Note: your start date will not be visible at this point, and that's ok.
  • Click on December 31.

3. Press the "Apply" button.

If you need to change date ranges, repeat steps 1 and 2.