How to transfer authenticator app 2FA to a new phone

If you are using an authenticator app 2FA for your Kraken account and you plan to change phones or have lost your phone, you'll need to set up the authenticator app 2FA on your new phone.

If you still have your old phone:

  • Login to your Kraken account
  • Go to the Security page
  • Click "change method" in the Login box
  • Follow the instructions to set up 2FA on your new phone


If your old phone is lost/stolen:

There are three options:

Option 1: Use 2FA bypass if you have a Master Key setup on your account.

Option 2: Use your 2FA backup code if you recorded it during the initial 2FA setup process.

Important: change your 2FA as soon as you regain access to your account. Using a backup of a 2FA that's on a lost phone is not secure.

Option 3Contact client support