New requirement for EUR funding

We're adding new banking partners in order to significantly grow our fiat funding options around the world.

In order to accomplish this, we need to streamline our verification tiers so that they are consistent across all fiat funding methods.

On March 29th, we sent an email to our Starter-level clients (formerly known as "Tier 2") notifying them of the need to upgrade to Intermediate-level (formerly known as "Tier 3") in order to be able to continue using EUR funding.

See: Required documents for intermediate level verification.

What does this affect?

This announcement only affects clients who deposit or withdraw EUR.

This announcement does not affect:

  • USD deposits/withdrawals (already requires Intermediate-level)
  • CAD deposits/withdrawals (already requires Intermediate-level)
  • Cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals
  • Trading

And yes, Starter clients will still be able to exchange crypto-to-fiat (and vice-versa) and margin trade.

What about the deadline?

The April 2nd deadline is only for the ability to deposit/withdraw EUR as a Starter client

Starter clients can increase their verification at any time.

If you do not wish to become Intermediate verified, and need more time than April 2nd to withdraw your EUR balance, let our support team know. We can offer a one-time courtesy EUR withdrawal beyond the April 2nd deadline. The amount must be smaller or equal to your Kraken balances at the time of the announcement.