How to export your account history via API

To export your trades or ledger history via API, follow these steps:

1. Generate an API key with the relevant permissions.


2. Install Kraken's REST API command line client.

3. Run the relevant API commands.

You can now easily run all the API commands from our API guide.

Relevant commands for account history include:


Lets use the AddExport command to request:

Ledger history for 2018

./ AddExport description=MyLedgerHistory2018 report=ledgers starttm=1514764800 endtm=1546300799

Trades history for 2018

./ AddExport description=MyTradesHistory2018 report=trades starttm=1514764800 endtm=1546300799

Note: you need to use the UNIX timestamp for start and end times.

After successfully running the AddExport command, you can go to the History > Export page on to view your request's status, download it, or delete it.

Alternatively, you can complete these further actions by using the other API commands listed above.