How to withdraw funds using Etana Custody

IMPORTANT: The instructions below refer to initiating a withdrawal with any of the accepted fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY).

There are two steps to consider when using Etana Custody to withdraw fiat currency to your bank account:

  1. Withdraw funds from your Kraken account into your Etana Custody wallet
  2. Withdraw funds from your Etana Custody wallet to your bank account

Step 1:

  1. Check that your account is verified to Intermediate or Pro level
  2. Confirm that you have successfully connected your Etana and Kraken accounts via venture and registered your bank account details under the Bank Accounts tab at Etana *This needs to be done for each currency you would like to fund with.*
  3. From within your Kraken account, navigate to Funding > Withdrawal > choose currency and select Etana Custody from the Withdraw Method dropdown menu.
  4. Add a withdrawal account by creating an arbitrary description name for your Etana account and fill in your name. We suggest calling this account Etana Custody wallet or Etana 1. *This name is arbitrary, so your choice of name will not impact your funding activities*
  5. Choose your Etana Custody account from the Bank Account dropdown menu and enter the amount you would like to withdraw.
  6. Select Confirm Withdrawal to finalize your withdrawal request.
  7. Withdrawals from Kraken to Etana should be near-instant.

Step 2:

  1. Log into your Etana account.
  2. Navigate to Custody Wallet and select Withdraw.
  3. Choose the currency you would like to withdraw and the bank account you would like to withdraw to.
  4. Input the amount you would like to withdraw and select Withdraw.
  5. Withdrawals from Etana to your bank account could take between 1-5 business days.

See the below screenshots for guidance. 

Step 1: etana_withdrawal.png

Step 2:


To help your withdrawal go smoothly, check the following:

  • Make sure the withdrawal will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly withdrawal limit. Refer to the value indicated as your "Maximum withdrawal."
  • Refer to the Withdrawal minimum to make sure you have entered an amount greater than the allowable minimum.