How to deposit funds using Etana Custody

IMPORTANT: The instructions below refer to initiating a deposit with any of the accepted fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY)

To deposit via bank transfer to your Kraken account:

  1. Check that your account is verified to Intermediate or Pro level.
  2. Confirm that you have finished account set-up with Etana and registered your bank account details under the Bank Accounts tab at Etana. *This needs to be done for each currency you would like to use for deposits.* (Please reference the Etana Manual located in the "Manuals" tab of your Etana account for guidance.)
  3. From within the Etana platform, navigate to Custody Wallet > Deposit and select To Venture.
  4. Choose the currency/bank account for deposit and type in the desired amount.
  5. Once you click the "Deposit" button, you will be given Deposit Protocol to download.
  6. Initiate a wire transfer from your bank's website (or in-branch) using the given instructions.

See the below screenshots for guidance. 


To help your deposit go smoothly, check the following:

  • Deposit minimum: If Etana receives less than the minimum transferable amount, then your deposit will fail. We suggest sending AT LEAST the recommended amount to cover any wire fees that are applied to the deposit.
  • Deposit limits: Make sure the deposit will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly deposit limit. Refer to the value indicated as your "Maximum deposit."
  • Duplicate deposit amounts: Make sure you don't send multiple deposits with the exact same amount within 72 hours of each other. This may result in delays as our system will flag them as possible duplicates. Please use slightly different amounts for each deposit.

Deviating from the wire instructions is not recommended and is done so at your own discretion.