How to find your balances on a particular date

Note: Canadian Dollar (CAD) balances will be inaccurate if you made any CAD withdrawals.

While we currently do not have a feature that summarizes all of your account balances on a particular date, you can deduce your account balances on a particular date by following these steps:


1. Login to your account.

2. Go to the History > Ledger page.

3. Click on "Filter".


4. Select the currency for which you want to see the balance, then click "Apply".


5. To know the balance for a particular date, look at the last ledger entry on or before that date.

For example, if you want to know the balance for December 22nd, the latest entry before that date is December 15th. The balance on December 15th was 4 ETH, and it didn't change until December 31st. So the balance on December 22nd would also be 4 ETH.

6. Repeat the filter for any other currencies you want to know the balance of.


Note: Account history on is limited to a certain amount of entries. So the more active your history, the less far back you'll be able to see.

To be able to see your entire history, you'll need to export your Ledger data to a CSV file.


On an Export CSV file

1. Export/download your ledger history.

2. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application.

3. Sort the data by the Asset column first, and then by the Time (date) column.

4. Follow the same procedure as in Step 5 above.