How do I receive PGP/GPG encrypted emails from Kraken?

There are three kinds of emails you can receive from Kraken:

  Sent from? Signed? Encrypted?
1. Account notifications & confirmations Always Automatically*
2. Company announcements Always No
3. Support responses No Upon request*

* Emails can only be encrypted if you added a PGP/GPG public key to your Kraken account.

Signed emails

Account notifications/confirmations and company announcements are signed regardless of whether you have a PGP/GPG public key associated with your Kraken account. You can use these instructions to verify their authenticity:

Encrypted emails

Company announcements are never encrypted.

Support responses need to be encrypted manually by our support team (upon request) because our support platform does not currently have built-in support for PGP/GPG.

Account notifications/confirmations are encrypted automatically, but you need to follow the instructions below to set it up.


To properly receive PGP/GPG encrypted account notification/confirmation emails from Kraken (an optional, advanced security and privacy feature), you'll need to follow all of these steps:

1. Set up PGP/GPG for your email application

2. Create a public and private key for your email address (you will be prompted to do this when setting up your PGP/GPG application)

3. Find and copy your public key

4. Paste your public key into your Kraken account settings

5Import our public key for

6Sign our public key (important!)

7Generate a test email

8. Verify the signature.asc file every time you receive an email from us (important!)

Note: Emails signed using our public key for are sent from