Setting leverage when opening a position

When opening a position, how do I set my leverage?

The effective leverage is set by the amount of funds that are held in your Trading Wallet. When entering a position the platform currently shows the minimum margin required. Depending on your investor classification, this may be 50% (Retail) or 2% (Professional).


In order for a Professional client to open a position at an effective leverage of 10x (10% initial margin requirement) the user would need add 5 times the minimum margin requirement to their Trading Wallet.

In order to ease the UX of this, there is handy leverage slider which gives an indication of the margin required to open a position at a certain effective leverage.

To use the leverage slider you will be prompted to confirm you have read the following:


You can then toggle the amount of leverage to view the amounts required in your Trading Wallet to open a position at a certain leverage:



The leverage slider is indicative only - it does not isolate margin. Any funds held in your Trading Account are at risk. If after you open the position, you move funds out of your Trading Account your effective leverage will increase.