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Product Listing Summary
Kraken Futures provide access to trading various futures contracts:
UI Availability
Contract SpecificationsTypeCollateralPnL/Funding Payout/SettlementMaturitiesVenue
Multi-Collateral Linear Multi-Collateral perpetual futures contract specificationsLinear
US Dollar (USD)
PerpetualPayward Global Trading Pte Ltd
Single-CollateralLegacy UI - futures.kraken.com InverseBase currency
Base currency
Perpetual, Monthly, Quarterly , Semiannual*Crypto Facilities MTF
*Semiannual maturity is available for single collateral Bitcoin-Dollar and Ether-Dollar contracts only


For inverse futures margin must be deposited in the base currency.
For example, Bitcoin must be deposited to trade Bitcoin-Dollar futures and Ether must be deposited to trade Ether-Dollar futures.


For linear Multi-Collateral futures, multiple collateral currencies can be deposited as margin. See Futures Collateral Currencies for list of supported collateral.
Multi-Collateral futures allow for flexible profit payout in any one of the support collateral currencies.
For example, Cardano-Dollar futures could be traded using Euros and Bitcoin as collateral and realise profit in Ethereum.