The ticker feed returns ticker information about listed products

Authentication is not required.


Event Type

Permissible API Keys
subscribe / unsubscribe
Sample Sent Message


Sample Return if Successful. (A result message is received per product id)

    "event":"subscribed ",




Type Description
string The result, subscribed or subscribed_failed or
unsubscribed or unsubscribed_failed
feed string The requested subscription feed
product_ids list of strings A list of strings which represent the products that user will
receive information upon


The subscription data will return values for all fields even if the value of only a single field has changed since the last payload.

Sample Subscription Data




Type Description
feed string The subscribed feed
product_id string The subscribed product (referred also as instrument or symbol)
bid positive float

The price of the current best bid

ask positive float

The price of the current best ask

bid_size positive float

The size of the current best bid

ask_size positive float

The size of the current best ask

volume positive float

The sum of the sizes of all fills observed in the last 24 hours

dtm positive integer

The days until maturity

leverage string

The leverage of the product

index positive float

The real time index of the product

premium float

The premium associated with the product

last positive float

The price of the last trade of the product

time positive integer

The UTC time of the server in milliseconds

change float

The 24h change in price

tag string

Currently can be 'week', 'month' or 'quarter'. Other tags may be added without notice.

pair string

The currency pair of the instrument

openInterest float

The current open interest of the instrument

markPrice float

The market price of the instrument

maturityTime positive integer

The UTC time, in milliseconds, at which the contract will stop trading


(Perpetuals only)


The current funding rate.


(Perpetuals only)


The absolute funding rate relative to the spot price at the time of funding rate calculation.


(Perpetuals only)


The estimated next funding rate.


(Perpetuals only)

 positive integer  The time until next funding rate in milliseconds.


Sample Return if Unsuccessful 
    "message":"Invalid product id"


Type Description
event string Always error
message string

An error message out of:

  • Invalid product id
  • Invalid feed
  • Json Error