The REST API allows to securely access the functionalities of your Kraken Futures account, for example to request current or historical price information, check your account balance and PnL, your margin parameters and estimated liquidation thresholds, place or cancel orders individually or in batch, see your open orders, open positions or trade history, or request a digital asset withdrawal. These functionalities are called "endpoints" and are explained in REST API section.

The web socket API allows to securely establish a communication channel to the Kraken Futures
platform to receive information in real time. This allows listening to updates instead of continuously sending requests. These channels are called subscriptions and are explained in Web Socket API section. 

Some of the endpoints allow performing sensitive tasks, such initiating a digital asset withdrawal. To access these endpoints securely, the API uses encryption techniques developed by the National
Security Agency. This section describes how to encrypt your communication with the API when accessing these endpoints.

The API can be implemented using any programming language you like (e.g. C, C++, Java or PHP), as long as it is capable of managing HTTP requests. We strongly suggest you look at the code examples listed in Additional Resources section.

DISCLAIMER: Please use the API only if you have adequate programming skills and have fully
understood its functionalities. Kraken Futures excludes all liability for losses and damages resulting from using the API, including, but not limited to, losses and damages resulting from erroneous use of the API, unavailability of the API, other technical failure or malfunction of the API or loss of API keys.