What is your approach to margining?

For each margin account, we calculate your portfolio value by adding the margin account balance to the profit or loss of open positions. We then calculate the margin requirement for open positions and open orders. If the portfolio value is greater than the margin requirement, the account is fully collateralized.

What happens if the portfolio value of one of my margin accounts falls below my margin requirement?

You may hit a margin threshold such as maintenance margin. In this case, some or all of your open positions may be liquidated. Positions in any other margin account will not be affected.

The margining system is described in more detail here.

What are the Initial Margin requirements?

This depends on the cryptocurrency being traded. Margin parameters are described in more detail here.

Is there margin netting?

There is margin netting within a margin account but there is no margin netting across margin accounts. For instance, if you have a long position in one maturity of the Bitcoin-Dollar Futures and a short position in another maturity, there is margin netting.

Margin netting is described in more detail here.