Introducing high limit CAD funding

InterFIN CAD funding is now available to select Pro-verified clients.

Who is eligible?

Canadian Pro-verified Corporations/Institutions
International Pro-verified Corporations/Institutions
Retail or Individual clients

How to apply?

Please use this form to join our waiting list. 

After you have been selected from our waiting list, you will be invited to apply for a custodial account with our payment partner. Once you have an account with our payment partner, we will be able to activate the InterFIN transfer method on your Kraken account.

What if I don't have an corporate or institutional account?

If you do not already have a corporate or institutional account with us, we welcome you to either convert your existing Kraken account to a corporate account, or create a separate corporate account. Please note that you can only create a corporate Kraken account in the name of a business you own or control.

How do transfers work?

CAD deposits are processed via instant transfer between your account with our payment partner, our account, and your Kraken account. Transfers through InterFIN are near-instantaneous, and may require additional processing time to settle between all parties.

CAD withdrawals can be initiated via your Funding > Withdraw > Canadian Dollar (CAD) page. Once a CAD withdrawal is initiated, it will be processed to the corresponding account with our payment partner.

 (value in CAD.) Minimum Transfer Size Maximum Transfer Size Fee* Processing Time* (approx.)
Deposits 1,000 5,000,000 Free 0 - 10 minutes
Withdrawals 1,000 1,000,000 Free 0 - 10 minutes

* Kraken does not charge clients for InterFIN deposits or withdrawals. However, your bank, any banking intermediary used, or our payment partner may apply additional fees as per any fee schedule.

How many transfers can I send in any given time?

The maximum amounts shown above state how much you can send per transfer. As an example,  you can initiate 2 x $1,000,000 withdrawals through InterFIN per day if your Kraken account daily limit is $2,000,000. In the reverse situation, if your daily deposit limit is $15,000,000 for your Kraken account, you can send 3 x $5,000,000 per day.


If you have any questions in regards to InterFIN, please fill out our InterFIN CAD Funding Application.