Does Kraken have a mobile app?

We do not currently have any official Kraken app available on Android or iOS.

We used to have an official iOS app available, but support for it has been discontinued and the app removed from the iOS App Store.

All unofficial third-party apps are unsupported, and not recommended or endorsed by us. Using any third-party apps is at your own risk. We recommend that you do your own research on any unofficial third-party apps and make sure that you only give these apps the minimum of API permission needed.

Keep in mind that any apps that claim to be official Kraken apps are not from us and are likely to be scams and/or malicious. Do NOT give these apps your API key, username, password, or any other account details.

Mobile Trading on Cryptowatch

As of August 2018, we have mobile trading support on our Cryptowatch platform.

No app needs to be downloaded. Just visit from your mobile phone.