Account Recovery Photo

An Account Recovery Photo is a picture of you, the account holder, holding the government-issued ID document (click here for the requirements for ID documents) used for your Tier 3 verification next your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID document.

In addition to the government-issued ID document, you have to hold a note next to your face that has the following handwritten on it:

For unlocking my Kraken account - I confirm that I am corresponding with ticket [your ticket number], [current date], [your signature]

The handwritten note must have the ticket numbercurrent date and your signature on it.

Hold the ID and handwritten note in your hand(s). It's fine to hold both the handwritten note and the ID in the same hand.

Both your face and the ID has to be clearly visible and any text, numbers or photos on the ID must be readable and not be covered by your fingers or by the handwritten note.

The handwritten note also has to be clearly visible and none of the text covered.



Note: in certain situations we may request that you write something else on the handwritten note. Follow the instructions provided to you in your ticket closely.