Can I create multiple accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts, but if you just want to increase your deposit/withdrawal limitsmargin borrow limits, or API limits, we can easily help you with this for your existing account. There's no need to open a second account to go above limits.

Potential reasons for creating a second account:

  • Having an account for different trading strategies that run counter to each other.
  • Having an account for different trading bots.
  • Having an account that's separate from margin trading (to protect balances from potential liquidation).
  • Having an account for personal-use vs corporate-use.
  • Having an account for different residencies for fiat funding options.

The only rule is that you cannot use your secondary accounts to go beyond the deposit and withdrawal limits of your highest verified account.

Note: US clients can only be Tier 3/4 verified for USD funding on one account. Our US banking partner does not allow multiple Tier 3/4 verifications for USD funding.