History export request processing time (request "stuck" in queued status)

Before you can download your history export request, you will need to wait for it to go from "Queued" status to "Processed" status.

We currently do not send an email notification when your export file is ready for download, so you will need to manually check the Export page.


Depending on the amount of data you are trying to export and the demand on our servers at the time, it may take between a few minutes to a few days for your export request to be processed and for the download link to appear.

It often helps to break up export requests into yearly or even quarterly chunks, especially for traders with a very active history.

If your export request is already within the date range of a year or a quarter (or less), it is best to leave the request queued and just wait. It should be processed soon. Cancelling a queued request and creating a new one will not make things go faster.

There is also no way for our support team to speed up processing times.