Explanation of trade fields


Below is an explanation of fields you'll see on the trades export csv file.

Field Currency unit Description
txid n/a Transaction ID.
Matches the Trade ID seen on: 
 Kraken.com > History > Trades 
 Kraken.com > Trade > Trades
ordertxid n/a

Order Transaction ID. 
For an order executed in multiple parts, the Order Transaction ID will be the same for each execution. Only the Transaction ID will be different/unique.

pair n/a Base currency + Quote currency.
time n/a

Includes both date + time (in UTC time zone).

But in many spreadsheet applications, only the time shows up by default. The column needs to be reformatted in the spreadsheet application to include the date.

type n/a "buy" or "sell"
order-type n/a "limit", "market", "touched market" (take profit), "stop market" (stop loss), "liquidation market"
price quote currency

Amount of quote currency needed to buy 1 unit of base currency.
Or, amount of quote currency received when selling 1 unit of base currency.

cost quote currency

cost = price x volume.

Amount of quote currency deducted for the volume of base currency bought.
Or, amount of quote currency received for the volume of base currency sold.

Cost does NOT include fees.
Cost is NOT the amount paid to Kraken (a common misunderstanding).

fee quote currency

Amount of quote currency paid to Kraken as commission for the trade.

Note: this is not necessarily the fee that was deducted from your account! If you've set your fees to be deducted in the base currency, the Trades export CSV will still show the fee value in the quote currency. To see exactly what fees were deducted and in which currency, you need to refer to the Ledgers CSV.

To view the fee %, you need to create a new column in the Trades CSV and use the formula: fee ÷ cost × 100%.

vol base currency Amount of the base currency bought/sold.
margin quote currency

Amount of used margin (in quote currency).

If 5X leverage was used, then: margin ÷ cost = 20%.
If 4X leverage was used, then: margin ÷ cost = 25%.
If 3X leverage was used, then: margin ÷ cost = 33.33%.
If 2X leverage was used, then: margin ÷ cost = 50%.

"0" = non-margin trade.

misc n/a

"closing" = if it's a trade that closes a margin position.

blank = if it's a trade that opens a margin position, or if it's a non-margin trade.

ledgers n/a Corresponding ledger entry IDs (one for the base currency, and one for the quote currency).