Explanation of ledger fields


Below is an explanation of fields you'll see on the ledgers export csv file. 

Field Description

Transaction ID. 
Matches the Ledger ID seen on Kraken.com > History > Ledger.


Reference ID.
Starts with "Q" for deposits.
Starts with "A" or "B" for withdrawals.
Starts with "T" for trades.


Includes both date + time (in UTC time zone).
If you want to separate date and time, you'll need to use the split tool in your spreadsheet application.


"trade" = non-margin exchange of one currency for another.
"margin" = profits/loss for a margin trade.
"rollover" = interest charge for a margin trade.
"withdrawal" = withdrawal of funds outside of your Kraken account.
"deposit" = deposit of funds to your Kraken account (including KFEE credits).
"transfer" = funds passed down to you from Kraken. (e.g. BCH hardfork, or XLM airdrop)


Asset Class. Value is always "currency". Not a useful field.


Starts with 'X' for digital assets / cryptocurrencies. Though there are a few exceptions, like those with 4 character codes (DASH and USDT), and BCH, EOS, and GNO for some unknown reason.

Starts with 'Z' for fiat currencies.

amount Amount debited (-) or credited (+) to your balance.
fee Fee paid to Kraken (if any).

New balance after debiting/crediting transaction amount and debiting fee.

balance = old_balance +/- amount - fee