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Token migration for Augur (REP) - Jul 2018
On July 9th 2018 at 18:01 UTC (11:01 AM PDT), Augur’s contracts will be deployed to the main Ethereum network and we will conduct a migration of all REP token balances beforehand, so that the new REP tokens exist inside the Augur genesis universe.
We will disable REP funding (deposits and withdrawals) at 17:01 UTC (10:01 AM PDT) on July 9th 2018. REP funding will remain offline until we can confirm that the migration was successful and that all clients can securely transact to and from our exchange.Clients who withdraw REP from Kraken before the migration are responsible for storing their REP tokens for proper migration, as the current REP token contract will be frozen indefinitely upon migration. (in either a private wallet, upon a centralised exchange also conducting the migration, or under an account of a non-custodial decentralised exchange). Be aware that under custodial decentralised exchanges, clients have no control over the contract and therefore no guarantee that their tokens will be migrated successfully on their behalf.
Our progress on the Augur (REP) contract deployment and token migration can be followed on the Kraken status page and Twitter account:
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