Files for verification not being accepted

If you are having problems uploading files for verifying your account or find that they are not being accepted by our verifications team, it may be that your documents are not meeting the following requirements:

  • Scan or photograph the entire document, ensuring nothing gets cut off.
  • Do not alter the document or add a watermark or any obfuscation.
  • Ensure all information on the document is visible, readable, and not blurred.
  • Proof of residence documents must contain name, address, and be dated less than 3 months ago.
  • For languages such as Russian, Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, etc. that use non-Latin characters, a notarized translation of your proof of residence document will greatly speed up processing time. Japanese documents do not require a notarized translation.

Invalid Parameters

Additionally, each file needs to meet the following technical parameters. If one or more of these parameters are not met, your upload will fail with the error: Invalid Parameters.

If your file is within these guidelines but you still get the error, then please take a screenshot of your image and try to upload that instead.

If it still does not work then please contact support, mentioning "Invalid Parameters" in your message.