Funding limits for the SynapseFi funding method

The SynapseFi (Wire, additional verifications) funding method is the only funding method that imposes funding limits that override Kraken limits. These limits are enforced by SynapseFi and occur when funds are received, not when the funds were initiated. These limits are listed below.

We recommend MVB Bank funding method to all eligible clients. The processing times are much faster and funding limits are much higher.

SynapseFi Limits

Kraken Account TypeDaily*MonthlyAnnuallyRequirements
Individual$25,000$50,000$130,000Intermediate or Pro Individual verification
Corporate/Business$45,000$500,000$6,000,000Pro Corporate verification

*Within a 24 hour rolling period.

If you are a resident of Texas or your business is in Texas and require higher funding limits, please contact Kraken Support.

For cash deposit options, including fees, minimums and processing times, related to SynapseFI view our support article.


  • Limits are calculated separately for Deposits & Withdrawals.
  • Funding Limits are calculated on a rolling 24 hour period for Daily limits and on a calendar basis for Monthly and Annual limits. This applies to the SynapseFi funding method only.
  • Annual limits override monthly limits and daily limits.
  • Monthly limits count from the first of the month.
  • Annual limits count from the first of the year.
  • SynapseFi limits override regular Kraken funding level limits.
  • All limits are calculated when funds arrive at SynapseFi, not when wires are initiated. Initiating a wire after banking hours or during weekends/holidays may result in your bank sending the funds on a different day from when you initiate them.

The decimal and thousands separators shown in this article may differ from the formats displayed on our trading platforms. Review our article on how we use points and commas for more information.