How to deposit Canadian Dollars (CAD) using domestic bank transfers

IMPORTANT: Only send Canadian Dollars (CAD). Funds sent in any other currency (including USD) will be returned and could result in account closure.

To deposit Canadian dollars (CAD) via bank transfer to your Kraken account:

  1. Check that your account fulfills the requirements.
  2. Navigate to Funding > Deposit > Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  3. You will be shown bank account details, a deposit reference, and other instructions. Follow them carefully.
  4. Initiate a wire transfer from your bank's website (or in-branch) using the given instructions.

See the below screenshots for guidance. 


To help your deposit go smoothly, check the following:

  • Deposit minimum: If we receive less than the 100 CAD minimum, your deposit will fail. We recommend sending a minimum amount of 125 CAD in case any wire fees are applied to the deposit.
  • Account ownership: Make sure the name on the bank account matches the name on your Kraken account.
  • Deposit memo: Make sure your deposit includes a reference to your Kraken account number as shown in the deposit instructions.
  • Deposit limits: Make sure the deposit will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly deposit limit. Refer to the value indicated as your "Maximum deposit."
  • Duplicate deposit amounts: Make sure you don't send multiple deposits with the same amount within 3 business days of each other. This may result in delays as our system will flag them as possible duplicates. Please use different amounts for each deposit.
  • Compatible bank: Make sure you are not depositing from a third-party payments processor.

Please be aware that CAD deposits sent via any means other than wire transfer may be subject to additional processing time or may not arrive at all.

Deviating from the wire instructions on your Kraken account is not recommended and is done so at your own discretion.

ATTENTION: For our clients who bank with the Bank of Montreal (BMO) you may notice that Credit Union Atlantic isn't available in the drop-down list available for BMO to transfer to. Alternatively, your banking representative may notice the option "Other Credit Unions", this wires as well. When asked for the routing number, please refer to the Account Number in the wire instructions and provide the first 4 digit institution number as well as the 5 digit transit number (0 + XXX + YYYYY).