Different sent and received amount with SWIFT international wire transfers

Note that SWIFT (SMBC) withdrawals were disabled at 12:00 PM (JST) on March 27, 2018.

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Processing times can vary, but the typical estimated time are the following for withdrawals via SWIFT international wire transfers:

Sometimes it happens that the amount sent from your bank and what we receive is different. This can happen due to intermediary or corresponding banks (banks between your bank and our bank) charging fees or even exchanging the funds en route to a different currency because the destination country uses a different currency than the transaction currency.

One example is if you are sending USD to a Japanese bank account and an intermediary or correspondent bank exchanges the transaction to JPY.

To prevent this from happening, we highly recommend to inquire your bank to determine the best (and cheapest) route. You can also specifically ask your bank to include a message with the transaction that states any corresponding or intermediary bank should not exchange or convert into a different currency en route.

If this does happen to you contact your bank and request they trace the transaction and find out at which point conversions were made and fees were charged. The conversion rates as well as any fees charged by corresponding and intermediary banks are out of control of our control and not Kraken’s responsibility.