Requirements for access to SWIFT international wire transfers

Note that SWIFT (SMBC) deposits were disabled at 11:59 PM (JST) on March 20, 2018. Any deposits not received by this time were returned to the sending bank. 

SWIFT (SMBC) withdrawals were disabled at 12:00 PM (JST) on March 27, 2018.

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The requirements for withdrawing and depositing via SWIFT international wire transfers are:

  • Your Kraken account must be verified to Tier 3 or higher
  • Your bank account has to be located in a supported country
  • Your bank account cannot be in the United States
  • Your bank must be connected to the SWIFT-network and allow you to carry out international SWIFT wire transfers

If you do not fulfil the above requirements, SWIFT international wire funding is not available for your Kraken account.