How to withdraw USD via SynapseFi wire transfers
Withdrawal hold

Certain deposits, such as first time ACH purchases, debit or credit card purchases or digital wallet purchases will trigger a temporary (72 hour) withdrawal hold on the account, for security purposes.

For enhanced security, debit and credit card purchases using USD may experience the 72 hour lock discussed above on all purchases, not just your first purchase.

Fedwire Process - SynapseFi Withdrawals

(Estimated processing time 1-2 business days)


You submit a Fedwire Transfer (also known as a Domestic Wire) from your Kraken account to the account details you saved.


Our funding provider processes the request (up to one full business day).*Subject to additional review


Our funding provider sends USD to the bank details provided within one full business day.


Banks do not notify us if funds are credited successfully, therefore the withdrawal on Kraken will be listed as Sending for a little over three weeks.


The withdrawal on Kraken is marked as Success after not receiving a return within the first three weeks. If the withdrawal is returned after this point expect significant delays.

Note: If you do not receive withdrawn funds in your external bank account, or your withdrawal updates on Kraken are not displaying  the Failure status, after two business days please contact Kraken Support before initiating another withdrawal.


Step-by-step withdrawal instructions
To withdraw USD from within the US (domestic):
  1. 2
    Sign into your account at SynapseFi funding is not supported on the mobile apps.
  2. 3
    Navigate to Funding at the top of the page.
  3. 4
    Click the Withdraw button and use the Search bar to find US Dollar (USD).
  4. 5
    Select SynapseFi (Wire, additional verifications) from the drop-down menu. If your Kraken account is set up in Texas you will not have a drop down menu and can skip this step.
  5. 6
    Carefully follow the additional instructions at the top of the page.
  6. 7
    Either select a saved bank account or add a new bank account (Maximum of 2) using your bank's FedWire routing details.  The intermediary bank info is optional and only for banks that specifically require it. Consult with your bank if you are unsure.If you receive an error when adding your bank's details ensure you have not exceeded the maximum of 2 saved bank accounts and refer to the common SynapseFi issues in the next section.
  7. 8
    Enter the amount you intend to withdraw and make sure the withdrawal will not result in you exceeding your SynapseFi USD daily, monthly or annual withdrawal limits. These limits are much lower than Kraken's default cash funding limits.



To help your withdrawal go smoothly, check the following:

  • Account ownership: Make sure the name on the bank account matches the name on your Kraken account.
  • Compatible account: Make sure that you are entering a FedWire account and FedWire routing numbers and not an ACH account and ACH routing numbers. 
  • Compatible bank: Make sure you are not withdrawing to a third-party payments processor. This includes most small Credit Unions, Brokerages and "Virtual Banks" that do not have dedicated bank accounts for clients and instead use one large omnibus account.
  • Withdrawals outside of the US: Our funding provider may request a USA passport as well as limit funding for transactions initiated outside of the United States.
Returned withdrawals via SynapseFi 

In the event that a withdrawal is cancelled by our funding provider, SynapseFi, or returned by your bank this process will be followed to get funds back into your Kraken account (minimum of an additional two business days).


Either our funding provider cancels your withdrawal or your bank receives the withdrawal within 1-2 business days and returns it. If your bank receives the withdrawal this is subject to your bank's processing times and delays.


Once the return has been located our funding provider will take up to two business days to fully process the return. 


*Your withdrawal will update from Sending to Failure , updating your Kraken USD balance.

Note: It will take a significant period of time to have the transaction updated to Failure , crediting your Kraken balance,  if the withdrawal changes to Success before a return is processed.  Any delays in receiving funds should be raised after two business days of not receiving funds. If you notice your withdrawal has not arrived after two business days it's likely that the funds were returned by your bank. Confirm the wire details you entered are correct with your bank and refer to the Troubleshooting portion of this article.

If your withdrawal was returned and has not updated to Failure in Kraken after 21 business days it will require manual intervention. Contact Kraken support and be prepared to provide the IMAD/OMAD or Tracking Number for the return transaction which your bank must provide to you.