How to deposit USD using United States (US) domestic wire transfers

First check that your account fulfils the requirements for access to this funding method.

To deposit USD via United States (US) domestic wire transfers to your Kraken USD Deposit account, navigate to Funding > Deposit > US Dollars (USD) in your account, accept the Domestic USD deposit ToS (if not already accepted) and then select the US domestic wire transfer option to copy your domestic USD deposit wire details. The next step is to send the wire transfer from your bank account. Exactly how this works depends on your bank, but essentially you provide the information shown on your Kraken deposit form to your bank who will send the funds from your bank account to your domestic USD Kraken deposit account.


Example USD Deposit Wire Details:

Account Name: Legal Name your Kraken account is registered under

Address: 6070 Poplar Ave #100 Memphis, TN 38119

Routing Number: *********

Account Number: ********* (this will be unique for each profile)

Bank Name: Evolve Bank and Trust

Bank/Branch Address: 6070 Poplar Ave #100 Memphis, TN 38119


Save your wire domestic USD details. You can use your domestic USD deposit wire details as many times as you like to send domestic USD to your Kraken exchange account.

Before sending a domestic USD deposit, there is no need to add a USD bank account to your profile. Even though you do not need to add a bank account, the sending bank account must have a matching name along with being FedWire enabled, in order for the deposit to be successful. This only applies to USD deposits as a bank account is required to be added to profile for domestic USD withdrawals.

Additionally, it is no longer necessary to create a deposit placeholder in your Kraken account before sending a domestic USD deposit.


To help your deposit go smoothly, check the following:

  • The deposit will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly deposit limits.To see your USD funding limits click here.
  • The transfer type is a wire transfer (using FedWire), and not an ACH transfer.
  • The name on the bank account must match the name on your Kraken account.
  • You are not sending multiple deposits with the same amount within 3 business days of each other. This may result in delays as our system will flag them as possible duplicates. Specify different amounts for each deposit.