How to deposit USD using United States (US) domestic wire transfers

To deposit USD via United States (US) domestic wire transfers to your Kraken account you have to first check that your account fulfils the requirements for access to this funding method.

To deposit, navigate to Funding > Deposit > US Dollars (USD) on your account and then select the US domestic wire transfer option there. Follow the instructions closely.

If it is your first time depositing then you will have to add a USD withdrawal bank account. You can do this by navigating to Funding > Withdrawal > US Dollars (USD) and then selecting the US domestic wire transfer option. Click on the "Manage" button and following the instructions to add a withdrawal bank account.

When you have added a USD withdrawal bank account, navigate to Funding > Deposit > US Dollars (USD) and then select the US domestic wire transfer option.

There you will be given the option to initiate a deposit by creating a deposit notification. This deposit notification prepares the systems of our payments partner and our systems to receive a deposit.

When initiating the deposit, you will be given a deposit reference. The deposit reference is a 24-character string of letters and numbers. This deposit reference uniquely identifies your deposit and has to be included with the wire transfer when you send it from your bank account.

The next step is to carry out the wire transfer from your bank account. Exactly how this works depends on your bank but essentially you enter our banking info as shown on the form and save it as a wire template. Then you use that template to send the amount of money you entered on Kraken.

To help your deposit go smoothly, check the following:

  • The amount you of the wire transfer you are initiating from your bank account matches the deposit notification you initiated on your Kraken-account.
  • The deposit reference is included in the message or reference field for the wire transfer you are initiating from your bank account.
  • The transfer type is a wire transfer (FedWire) and not an ACH transfer.
  • The deposit will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly deposit limit. To see your deposit limit, go to Funding > Deposit > USD and note the value indicated as your "Maximum deposit."
  • The name on the bank account you are depositing from matches the name on your Kraken account.
  • You are not sending multiple deposits with the same amount within 3 business days of each other. This may result in delays as our system will flag them as possible duplicates. Please specify different amounts for each deposit.