How to activate United States (US) domestic wire transfer funding

To send USD wire transfers, you must first activate this feature in your Kraken account.

There are two ways US clients can fund their Kraken account with USD:

Normal USD domestic wire transfer funding

Eligibility: Tier 3 verified US individuals, or T4 verified US corporations.

Activation instructionsSign into your account and navigate to the Funding > Deposit > US Dollar (USD) page, then click the "Activate" button. Stay on this webpage.

Once activated, you can deposit a wire transfer using a Fedwire enabled routing number after agreeing to the ToS, or initiate a withdrawal after adding a bank account to your Kraken account.

High Limit USD Funding

Eligibility: Tier 4 verified US individuals or US corporations.

Activation instructionsOpen a support ticket with our Transfer Limits Increase team.