Requirements for access to EUR SEPA bank transfers

The requirements for withdrawing and depositing via SEPA bank transfers are the following:

  • Account verified to Tier 2 or higher. Depending on your registered residence country on your Kraken account or the country your bank is in you may have to get verified to Tier 3 with an ID confirmation photo.
  • Access to a bank account in the SEPA-zone that allows you to send and receive SEPA-transactions. Click here for more information about SEPA and its member countries.
  • Legal name on the bank account is the same as on your Kraken account.

If you do not fulfil all the requirements listed above, SEPA bank transfer deposits and withdrawals are not available for you.

If you want to withdraw EUR to or deposit from banks in countries or territories where the euro (EUR) is not an official currency but has been unilaterally adopted or is widely used (e.g. Montenegro, Andorra, etc.) you cannot use SEPA.