Fidor-to-Fidor deposits and withdrawals

Fidor-to-Fidor deposits and withdrawals allow Fidor DE (unfortunately not Fidor UK) bank accounts holders to send to or receive within minutes funds from other Fidor DE bank account holders. These transfers are processed near-instantly regardless whether they are initiated as standard SEPA transfers or via the functionality know as Freunden Geld senden (“send money to friends”).

Kraken holds a bank account with Fidor Bank AG in Germany. Hence, Kraken clients with a Fidor DE bank account can benefit from this option as well. Deposits which are sent from their bank account to our Fidor bank account will be credited to their Kraken account within a few minutes, both if they choose a standard SEPA transfer or a Freunden Geld Senden transfer. Similarly, EUR SEPA withdrawals from their Kraken account to their Fidor bank account will be credited near-instantly.