How to deposit EUR via SEPA to your Kraken account

To deposit Euros (EUR) via SEPA to your Kraken account:

  1. Check that your account fulfills the requirements.
  2. Navigate to Funding > Deposit > Euros (EUR).
  3. Select the "SEPA" option.
  4. You will be shown bank account details, a deposit reference, and other instructions. Follow them carefully.
  5. Initiate a SEPA-transaction from your bank's website using the given instructions.

See the below screenshots for guidance. 


To help your deposit go smoothly, check the following:

  • Account ownership: Make sure the name on the bank account you are depositing from matches the name on your Kraken account.
  • Deposit memo: Make sure your deposit includes a reference to your Kraken account number as shown in the deposit instructions.
  • Deposit limits: Make sure the deposit will not result in you exceeding your daily or monthly deposit limit. Refer to the value indicated as your "Maximum deposit."
  • Duplicate deposit amounts: Make sure you don't send multiple deposits with the same amount within 3 business days of each other. This may result in delays as our system will flag them as possible duplicates. Please use different amounts for each deposit.
  • Compatible bank: Make sure you are not depositing from a third-party payments processor.