Fiat currency deposit and withdrawal processing times

Processing times for our fiat currency funding methods may vary, but estimates are listed below.

Funding method Deposit
processing time
processing time
EUR SEPA <1-3 business days <1-5 business days 
EUR International wire 1-5 business days N/A
USD ACH transfer 3-5 business days N/A
USD Domestic wire (Normal) 1-3 business days  1-3 business days
USD Domestic wire (High Limit) <1 business day
(bank cutoff at 3pm EST)
<1 business day
(bank cutoff at 3pm EST)
USD International wire (High Limit) 2-5 business days 2-5 business days
CAD CanadaPost In-person cash/debit 30-60 minutes  N/A
CAD Domestic wire 1-7 business days  N/A
CAD Domestic EFT N/A  2-5 business days

These are estimates and delays in processing are possible.

Please be mindful of banking holidays.

If your wire transfer transaction does not arrive within the estimated time frame above, click here for the steps to take.