Fiat currencies available on Kraken

Kraken supports trading and funding in a number of fiat currencies via several different funding methods.

Fiat funding availability

  Domestic International
  Deposits Withdrawals Deposits Withdrawals
US Dollars USD



Euros EUR


(wire transfer)
Canadian Dollars CAD
(wire transfer)

Japanese Yen JPY
Pound sterling GBP

To learn how to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies to or from your Kraken account, click here.

Fiat trading pairs

Note that while you cannot deposit or withdraw JPY and GBP, you can still trade cryptocurrencies using JPY or GBP as the quote currency.

Augur REP      
Bitcoin XBT
Bitcoin Cash BCH      
Bitcoin SV BSV      
Cardano ADA    
Dash DSH      
Dogecoin XDG          
EOS EOS      
Ethereum ETH
Ethereum Classic ETC      
Gnosis GNO      
Litecoin LTC      
Melon MLN          
Monero XMR      
Ripple XRP  
Stellar Lumens XLM      
Tether USDT        
Tezos XTZ    
Zcash ZEC    

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