Unable to withdraw fiat currency

If you are unable to withdraw your fiat currencies — such as US Dollar (US), Euro (EUR), or Canadian Dollars (CAD) — there may be several reasons for this.

You may see a "Balance is insufficient for a withdrawal" error, or the withdrawal page may say that your funds are "Withheld" or that withdrawals are blocked.

Check the following:

Open/pending orders

Do you have any orders open/pending? Fiat currency that is used in an open/pending order cannot be withdrawn.

Solution: cancel the open orders.

Open margin positions

Do you have any open margin positions? Margin positions require collateral, and that collateral cannot be withdrawn while the positions are open.

Solution: close the open margin positions.

Negative balance

Do you have a negative balance in any fiat currency or digital asset/cryptocurrency? This will prevent fiat currency withdrawals from your account.

Solution: deposit funds in the fiat currency or digital asset/cryptocurrency that has a negative balance, or exchange other fiat currencies or digital assets/cryptocurrencies to make up for the negative balance. 

Currency not held in your account

Do you have the currency available in your Kraken account? Although you may see the total amount held in your account, you may have it selected where your account shows the total sum of all of your currencies shown in a specific currency, though all of your currencies held are treated separately.

An example is if you hold both Great British Pounds (GBP) and eurozone Euros (EUR)  in your account, you can't withdraw the total amount in one US Dollars (USD) withdrawal.

Solution: exchange your balances to the currency you want to withdraw.

Deposits from German or Austrian banks

Have you deposited from a German or Austrian bank? This will result in your withdrawals up to 125% of the deposit amount being blocked for 72 hours. See the following article for more details.

Solution: try to withdraw a smaller amount or wait 72 hours.