Fiat currency deposit references

For most fiat currency deposit methods, you'll see a unique deposit reference included with the deposit instructions. This deposit reference is very important and needs to be included in your bank transfer.

The format of the deposit reference may vary based on the chosen deposit method.

Note: No deposit reference is required for US domestic FedWire/ACH transfer deposit method.

Why is it important?

The deposit reference tells our systems that a deposit is meant for your specific account on Kraken and lets it automatically assign the deposit to your account. Please read the deposit instructions thoroughly and include a reference if it is listed.

How to add it?

Banks let you add a message or reference to the receiver when initiating a transaction. Usually this is in the form of a field called “Message to receiver”, “Reference”, “Reference to sender”, "Remittance Information" or similar. If you are not certain how to attach a reference to a bank transfer, contact your bank for help.

What happens if you forget to include it?

If a deposit reaches us without a deposit reference, it will have to be manually assigned to your account rather than automatically. We may ask you to submit documentation proving the deposit was sent from your bank.

This means your deposit may take longer to process than the normal processing times.