Explanation of deposit references

For some fiat currency deposits to your Kraken account, we require that you include a deposit reference (or transaction ID) that identifies your deposit. The deposit reference tells our systems that a deposit is meant for your account on Kraken and lets it automatically assign the deposit to your account. The format of the deposit reference may depend on the chosen deposit method, but it should always be available on the deposit pages for the deposit method you have chosen.

Banks let you add a message or reference to the receiver when initiating a transaction. Usually this is in the form of a field called “Message to receiver”, “Reference”, “Reference to sender”, "Remittance Information" or similar. If you are not certain how to attach a reference to a bank transfer, contact your bank for help.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include the required deposit reference since it is used to identify your deposit. Including it will ensure that your deposit arrives without delays and lets our system automatically assign it to your account.