File requirements for uploads ("Invalid Parameters" error)
Global Settings Lock

If you are having trouble editing your address or uploading documents to your account please try turning off your GSL (Global Settings Lock) and try again.

When uploading documents for account verification, please ensure your documents are not password protected. This will cause delays in the verification process and you will be asked to resubmit the documents with the password protection removed.

If you receive the error "Invalid Parameters", when uploading your documents, this means the file doesn't fit our technical parameters (and in some rare cases, even if it does). 

Make sure that your upload files meet these guidelines:

File size5 KB16 MB
Image dimensions350 x 350px6144 x 6144px
 SupportedNot Supported
File types .jpeg.jpg.png.pdf


If one or more of these parameters are not met, your upload will fail.

If your file is within these guidelines but you still get the error, please take a screenshot of your image and try to upload that instead.

If it still does not work, please contact support and mention "Invalid Parameters" in your message.