How do the deposit limits work?

Deposit limits are a required part of our regulatory compliance measures. 

The daily deposit limit works as a 24 hour sliding window. So all of the deposits from the past 24 hours are taken into account when calculating the limit. If we receive a deposit that puts you over your daily limit then that deposit will be put on hold. It will be eligible for release once the total sum of deposits from the past 24 hours is under the daily limit amount. The monthly limit works the same as the daily limit but for a 30 day sliding window. 

Please check your deposit limit under Funding > Deposit > (Currency) > "Maximum deposit" before making a deposit. Please do not cut the limit too close since exchange rates can change while your deposit is transferred. The funding limits are cumulative across deposits in all currencies. Please note that some funding methods have lower limits that the cumulative limit of all currencies.