How to export your account history

There are two ways you can export your trades or ledger history:

  • Via the History > Export page on
  • Via API

Our support team is not able to place or download history export requests on your behalf.

The steps for exporting your history are as follows:

1. Select your export options

There are three things you'll need to choose:

Trades vs Ledger

Trades exports focus on the execution details of non-margin and margin trades.

Ledger exports focus on changes to account balances. They include deposits, withdrawals, fees, trading profits and losses, and exchanges of one currency for another.

See Ledger vs trades data for more details.

Note: It is not possible to directly export your Order history, but you can easily piece it together by exporting your Trades history.

Dates of transactions

Dates are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). So if you live in North America and place a trade late in the evening on January 31st, in UTC it will show up as being on February 1st.

The date selection tool cannot be used for selecting the date of balances. See How do I find my balances on a particular date? for more details.

Export requests can only include activity up to the time the request was placed (even if the current date is selected). Any new activity during the queuing period will not be included.

Fields (columns)

See Explanation of trade fields and Explanation of ledger fields for more details.

2. Submit your request and wait

Export requests can take anywhere from a few minutes to up to a week to process.

3. Download

Once your request goes from "Queued" to "Processed", you can download it to your computer.

Note: we currently do not send an email notification when your export file is ready for download. You'll need to manually check.

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