How do I add a CAD withdrawal account? (Canada only)


You must be a Canadian resident and have a Kraken account verified to Tier 3 or higher in order to withdraw CAD.


How do I link my CAD bank account?

Go to Funding > Withdraw > CAD > Add Account. Fill in your bank account information and click "Save bank account." 



How do I fill out my CAD bank details?



How can I change my bank details listed on my Kraken account?

To change your CAD bank account details on your Kraken account, you can click the Manage page and then the item under "Description."



How can I remove my bank details listed on my Kraken account?

Once you are on your Edit bank details page, you can click the red "X" button, followed by the green "Delete Bank Account" button.





  • You can only have one CAD withdrawal account at a time. Please contact support if you ever wish to change your withdrawal account.
  • Please ensure that you have entered your bank code, transit number, and account number correctly. Incorrect banking information may result in a failed withdrawal and will have to be returned. Please contact your bank for additional information.