Closing Positions

To close all or part of a position, you simply execute an opposing leveraged order in the volume amount you want to close.

To close a long position, you execute a leveraged sell order.
To close a short position, you execute a leveraged buy order.

For example, suppose you buy 1 XBT of XBT/EUR at 2:1 leverage.

  • To close the entire position, you sell 1 XBT of XBT/EUR (at any leverage).
  • To close half the position, you sell 0.5 XBT of XBT/EUR (at any leverage).

Zero Trick - To close the full volume for a specific pair, you can place '0' as the volume of a closing leveraged order. This can be useful to close all open positions with one order, or to close small remaining volumes of open positions.

Note that the closing leverage does not need to match the opening leverage.

Finally, be careful that you don’t execute a closing order for more volume than your position, since this will create a new position on the opposite side (see "Flipping positions").