What are the details of the free trade KFEE offer for MtGox creditors?

Eligible creditors received 100,000 Kraken fee credits (KFEE) after completing their claim with Kraken. 100,000 KFEE are good for up to $1 million worth of free trade volume. The KFEE in this offer must be used between the time the claim is completed and one month after claims begin to be paid out (at which point any remaining KFEE will expire). To be eligible, creditors must complete a legitimate claim to MtGox funds through Kraken, including creating a Kraken account and verifying it to Tier 2 or higher. KFEE can only be used on the Kraken website to pay for trading fees at the rate of 100 KFEE credits per 1 USD. KFEE are automatically applied as trading fees are incurred. Kraken reserves the right to refuse this promotional value at its discretion. KFEE will not be awarded for a claim if Kraken has reason to believe the claim is fraudulent or made in error.