How do I deposit JPY into my account?

To deposit JPY, go to Account > Funding > Deposit > JPY.

Please note that JPY deposits are only available at Tier 3 verification and higher. To upgrade your account, log in and visit to the Get Verified page.

Send a domestic deposit to your account using the information below.

  • Important: Multiple deposits of the same amounts within a few days of each other may be delayed. If you must make multiple deposits, consider sending different amounts.
  • Important: The name on the bank account you are depositing from must match the name on the account you are depositing into.
  • Be sure to include the "Reference" code given below - this code identifies the deposit with your account. If your bank does not have a "Reference" field (most Japanese banks do not), put your reference code after your name. Example: "Hanako Sato ABCD1234 KRAKEN.COM".
  • Do not exceed your daily or monthly funding limits. If you exceed the limits, your deposit will be frozen until you get verified for higher limits, or until the funds are returned to you.
  • NOTE: You will not be able to withdraw JPY to an account outside of Japan.
  • Please observe our minimum deposit limit of 5,000 JPY.